6 Key Factors to Choose the Right Recruiting Software

1. Identifying Goals

Start by understanding what you hope to achieve by adding recruiting software to your hiring process. What challenges will your tool help you overcome?Define a specific goal to make your search for recruiting software more focused.

2. Establish you ‘Must Have’ Features

Identify what features your software tool must have. It’s critical that your tool integrate with your existing platforms and data sources, from your social media channels to email, career sites, third-party staffing platforms, and any existing recruiting software you may already be using.

3. Budget Determination

One of the most crucial and important factors while choosing a recruitment software is the pricing point. While some will charge you pay per recruiting manager, others might pay per hire and some both.

4. Functionalities of Tools

All tools should have some kind of reporting and analytics function to help you assess if your hiring is improving. Look to see how intuitive the reports are and if you need additional support to get set up pulling data from all your sources.

5. Create a list of Preliminary Contenders

Once the parameters of goals, tools and budgets are established, vendor listing and proposals should be narrowed down to a handful. The vendors should fit into your budget and must come with software that suits all your need and features.

6. Examine Vendor track Records and Take a Demo

Security features, Accreditations, Customer testimonials, references, technical support facilities, HR Suite integrations are some the things that needs to be checked. Lastly Take a demo or free trial of the software in question

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