Top 5 Tips  To Source Hidden Top Talent

#1 Look for potential not pedigree

Many talented people don't have the opportunity or means to attend elite colleges and schools, so look for skills and drive critical for the job and screen the technical, business and design skills using pre-assessment tools


#2 Focus on high performance skills

Look for key skills in candidates, such as adaptability, communications, and problem-solving, that enables them to deliver great results and use role play or simulations of work experiences to assess candidates on these skills


#3 Go beyond top talent searches

Some of the best candidates may be at the bottom of the search results who may be missed due to search biases or a limited number of search keywords


#4 Revamp your search keywords

Rather than start with preset job titles and skills, scout for profiles similar to your open positions; research their key skills and certifications and refine your candidate search to include them


#5 Be more inclusive in your search

Actively look for those given a lower priority such as those with a criminal record or homeless individuals; a survey from SHRM found that managers and HR professionals believe that the quality of work from those with criminal records is comparable or better than the regular workers


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