Top 5 Tips To Reduce Bias &  Find Top Talent

#1 Hide names and photos of potential candidates

Resumes can have the names and pictures of candidates removed to enable a bias-free first level of screening; “Hide names and photos” feature of LinkedIn enables recruiters to evaluate candidates only on the basis of their work experience


#2 Use Blind screening

Minimize unconscious bias via blind screening, anonymising candidate applications by hiding details such as college, graduation year, hobbies that hint at race, gender, age, religion etc.


#3 Ensure diversity in the screening and selection panel

Create a panel consisting of diverse individuals to screen resumes, offsetting personal biases; also perform regular checks for discrimination in the screening process by tracking key diversity metrics


#4 Enable innovative ways for candidates to present their achievements

Look for creative ways for potential candidates to present themselves and their accomplishments such as challenges or assignments that showcase their skills and expertise enabling an objective and bias-free evaluation


#5 Perform background checks only after offer acceptance

Birthdate being a part of the regular background checks, it increases the risk of ageist bias if done prior to the offer being rolled out


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