Webinar on  Embracing Neurodiversity to Enrich Work Culture

#1 Hyreo RISE

As a part of RISE series on empowering and transforming workforces, Hyreo is hosting a webinar on Embracing Neurodiversity in the workplace


#2 What is the Webinar about

The webinar explores the benefits and challenges of neurodiversity in the workplace, and how we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for neurodiverse individuals


#3 What will be covered in the Webinar

– Strategies adopted by corporates to integrate neurodiversity into their workforce – The training and support to empower neurodiverse talent to take on work roles – Best practices for companies to create an ecosystem for their success – Guidance and support for companies to start their neurodiversity journey


Key Panelist



Kiran Aidhi

Chief People Officer of KFinTech, a Talent Leader with a strong DE&I focus

Nandita Nayer

Head of Research Program and Head of Psychology, CADRRE, she has worked exclusively in the field of Autism since 2009 and works on the employability training program for young adults at CADRRE

Muraleekrishan R

Assoc. Director, Global Technology & Consulting Firm, a Business Leader who has implemented the neurodiversity program in his function

Arun Satyan

Founder & CEO of Hyreo, a candidate relationship platform and is a strong believer in technology bridging gaps, creating new opportunities and enabling customers to make informed decisions

Date & Time 9th of February ‘23 at 3 PM IST

Who will benefit from this Webinar

This session will be relevant to Business Leaders, HR professionals, and anyone who is interested in promoting a more inclusive and supportive work environment


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