6 Steps Strategy to build an Internal Talent Pool

#1 Review Business Strategy

Get the key business objectives & create an iterative & flexible approach to develop talent in alignment with company priorities & values

#2 Identify Key Competencies

Competencies key to attracting new customers, growing & expanding business such as opportunity sensing, solutioning, critical thinking need to be nurtured in the internal talent pool

#3 Identify Key Roles

High-cost, high-value roles with high customer focus and/or a high turnover must be reviewed to find time & cost to build the internal talent pool competence for them

#4 Evaluate & identify Skill Gaps

Identify prominent skill gaps via evaluations, related assessments, employee performance data, manager evaluations and interviews

#5 Curate Learning & Development Programs

Curate high impact L&D programs, both internal & external, reinforced with leadership coaching, mentoring & feedback for key skill gaps observed

#6 Incorporate feedback

Strengthen Internal Talent Pool strategy via frequent & consistent feedback from the employees and other stakeholders with appropriate corrective actions

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