Top 15 Interview Questions to Determine a Strong Work Ethic

#1 Define hard work in your words.

#2 Will you work overtime without compensation? If yes, why?

#3 What is the difference between a good work ethic and a bad work ethic?

#4 How important is your company’s mission to you?

#5 How excited do you feel when you complete a difficult task alone or with teammates?

#6 What comes to your mind when a colleague asks for help on a bad mood day?

#7 Do you prefer to complete tasks on time, before time, or you don’t mind being late?

#8 How do you prioritize your tasks and manage time?

#9 How do you handle a situation when you fail to complete a challenging task?

#10 Have you helped your peers or colleagues even when it was not your responsibility? Tell us more about the situation.

#11 Do last-minute additional tasks annoy you?

#12 What motivates you to come to work?

#13 How do you feel when you are overwhelmed with your workload? How do you handle it?

#14 Tell us about accomplishments you are proud of.

#15 What will you do when no work is pending on your desk?

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