5 Reasons to provide Candidate Interview Feedback

#1 Assists in career development of candidates

Interview feedback makes candidates feel respected and valued, helping them ace further interviews by taking corrective actions, based on the constructive comments provided


#2 Improve brand  image

Candidates feel that a company is vested in their success, on receiving constructive feedback, giving potential candidates and their acquaintances a favorable impression of the brand


#3 Attract top talent

Potential candidates also help create engaged talent communities by referring the brand to other talent, with a higher likelihood of them considering the company for any future opportunities


#4 Improve hiring process

Feedback from candidates, especially unsuccessful ones, helps find and resolve issues in the hiring process, improving its efficacy and enhancing candidate experience


#5 Enhance effectiveness of hiring team

The process of interview feedback inculcates a culture of providing feedback with the recruiters and hiring managers, helping them build strong relationships with their candidates and teams


To understand how to provide constructive feedback to candidates to curate a great candidate experience and build a strong employer brand, read

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