6 Key Challenges of High-Volume Recruiting

#1 Not Aligned to Business need

Hiring team unaware of main business objective & goals, leading to sketchy JDs & candidate personas; this results in bad hires, resulting in higher cost-of-hire & lower quality-of-hire.

#2 High & Varying Volume of        Applications

High & varying volume of applications from diverse hiring sources during mass hiring, causes delays and ineffective sorting & screening of profiles by recruiters

#3 Not technology enabled

Lack of a Recruitment Tech Platform (ATS or CRM) causes delays & errors in processing of thousands of profiles, adversely impacting candidate experience, customer satisfaction & employer branding.

#4 Quality of Hires

High volume & lesser time leads to ineffective sorting & screening, with unqualified candidates being hired in large numbers. The low quality-of-hire affects business throughput & customer satisfaction at a higher cost & attrition.

#5 Inadequate Company Branding

Not investing in social branding hurts your hiring prospects as potential & prospective candidates like to understand the core business, work culture and company vision & values before joining them.

#6 Poor Candidate Experience

With the high volume of applicants for processing, the recruiter turnaround time & candidate engagement is impacted, causing a poor candidate experience & lost branding opportunity.

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