7 Crucial Components to make a great Employee Value Proposition

1. Financial Benefits

Companies with the best EVP often offer one of the most competitive financial benefits, which include other benefits as well

2. Fringe Benefits

Other than salary, bonuses, and company stocks, organizations also offer different fringe benefits which are paid leaves, health insurance, provident fund, paid holidays etc.

3. Job Security

The value of job security cannot be discounted when considering EVP, as it can help alleviate employee stress, repelling skilled individuals from working in the organization

4. Potential for Career Growth

An employee often needs more than just financial benefits, like aspiration to climb up the career ladder and aim to get designations that make them feel accomplished

5. Working Environment Matters

A company might offer a great salary and other financial benefits but how long can you work in a demanding, toxic environment

6. Corporate Culture

The corporate culture of an organization consists of many aspects including beliefs and behaviors that form the relationship between the management and employees

7. Job Satisfaction

Companies that look after the well-being of their employees also makes work environment more attractive, so they feel passionate about their job, improving employee engagement

For an organization to be successful in attracting the most skilled employees from the market, it needs to have an employee value proposition.