6 Main Criterias  for choosing a Recruiting Chatbot

#1 Business need

Clarity on the underlying business need for a chatbot is required as different chatbots are designed to resolve different business purposes and goals, with the apt one solving your specific hiring challenges


#2 Capabilities and Features

Compare and evaluate the different chatbots based on the capabilities and features that are a top priority for your company providing a great candidate experience and improving recruiter efficacy


#3 Compatibility and integration

Look for the best AI recruitment chatbots that are compatible with and integrate with your business technology and existing recruitment tools and software


#4 Candidate touchpoints

Look for AI recruitment chatbots with an optimized set of candidate touchpoints, elevating the candidate's experience and enabling them to engage and complete the hiring process effectively


#5 Human-like interactions

Look for chatbots that incorporate natural language processing and speech support for a seamless and comfortable experience, with the words and tone of the chatbot reflecting your brand


#6 Analytical Capability

Deep analytical capability with comprehensive dashboards to view real-time hiring performance, enabling appropriate interventions, helps evaluate the business value delivered on an ongoing basis


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