6 Main Components of Candidate Interview Feedback

#1 Evaluation on key parameters

Provide clear evaluation ratings with comments for the key performance parameters of the role (technical, business or otherwise), conveying the rationale for the ratings


#2 Soft skills evaluation

Objectively evaluate the interpersonal and communication skills against the requirements of the role to determine their cultural fitment and alignment


#3 Clear notes with examples

Document as many details as possible with examples and rationale for the ratings to enable other stakeholders to take an informed decision on their fitment for the role


#4 Final decision on hiring candidate

Provide an unambiguous decision with rationale on the candidate being successful or unsuccessful for the role with planning for further interview rounds if required for evaluating specific skills


#5 Other potential roles to consider for

If the candidate is not successful for the role they interviewed for but happens to be a good technical and cultural fit for another opportunity, the hiring team must be informed to consider them


#6 Feedback for hiring team

Provide feedback on hiring process to recruitment team to resolve challenges that impact candidate experience as well as hiring effort, time and cost


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