10 Prominent LinkedIn  Features

#1 Recommended Matches

LinkedIn helps recruiters find the best talent for their open positions by recommending best possible matches


#2 Find Qualified Internal Candidates

LinkedIn has a new Spotlight filter, “Internal Candidates”, in Recruiter search to help recruiters find internal candidates with the right skills in their own company,


#3 Streamlined Hiring Process with Collaboration

The upgraded Recruiter Inbox integrate with the recruiting workflows to streamline candidate management, improve productivity, and simplify collaboration, improving hiring efficacy


#4 Highlight Company Commitments to Attract Talent

The “Commitments” feature allows companies to showcase their values along with authentic & meaningful content, including reports, certifications, articles, blogs, and videos


#5 Expand Talent Pool with Social #Hiring

The social #Hiring frame lets job seekers know at a glance that companies are hiring


#6 Address Gender gap with Diversity nudges

LinkedIn has introduced Diversity Nudges in Recruiter, to alert recruiters in real-time when there’s a gender imbalance in their talent search results


#7 Reduce Unconscious Bias  by Hiding Data

LinkedIn reduces unconscious bias, with the Hide Candidate Names and Photos feature in Recruiter, which replaces candidates’ photos and names with random avatars and letters


#8 Improve Hiring Efficiency by Helping Identify Skills

To improve efficiency, LinkedIn introduced the Skills features, so recruiters can easily filter candidates to best match skills with roles


#9 Find Information in One Place

With Resume Search, important information from the candidates’ resumes are automatically filled in their LinkedIn profiles, helping recruiters find the best fit talent  all in one place


#10 Get Critical Data on Recruiting Efforts Puickly

LinkedIn is making recruiting information more accessible, with the launch of the new advanced reporting filters to help access the most critical data quickly and easily


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