Top 15 Candidate Experience Survey Questions

#1 Was the recruiter polite?

#2 Was the recruiter friendly?

#3 Was the recruiter professional?

#4 Was the recruiter knowledgeable about the job?

#5 Did the recruiter describe to you all the  job details and requirements?

#6 Did the recruiter listen to and answer your questions?

#7 Did you get answers  to all the questions you asked?

#8 Was the application form-filling process easy to follow?

#9 Did the career site/page answer most  of your questions?

#10 What are your inputs about the company career site/page?

#11 Did the recruiter guide you through the hiring process?

#12 Were you kept in the loop throughout the selection process?

#13 Are you satisfied with the recruitment and hiring process?

#14 Would you recommend the company to others?

#15 What are the 3  things you would change to improve the hiring process?

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