Top 12 Points in a Remote Employee Onboarding Checklist

#1 Provide relevant company information

Provide your new hires with relevant information about the company's history, culture and mission statement and vision, and values, helping them understand expectations and how to proceed.


#2 Share information ahead of time

If you are going to send them any physical material for reference make sure that you do that early and that the material is available to them when you initiate the onboarding process to help them process it


#3 Keep it simple

Be clear when sharing information, keeping it simple and easy to comprehend, to avoid any confusion and misrepresentation, especially when sending them details about the company and work culture


#4 Meet them face-to-face

Schedule an interview one-on-one basis or a group orientation via video calls, with an an in-office experience for group orientation, helping know them better and get comfortable as a group


#5  Share agenda ahead of time

Before the scheduled meeting, provide new hires with the agenda of the meeting and send them a digital copy of the employee handbook, allowing them to be prepared for the meeting


#6 Allow enough time to review the welcome kit

Give enough time to the new employees to review and read the contents of the welcome kit and employee handbook before you schedule a meeting, with links to access certain basic company details


#7 Assign an experienced mentor

Assign new employees an experienced employee as a mentor and that would make the orientation process easier and smoother


#8  Ensure closure of digital documents

Make sure that all the new employees have signed HR documents digitally and have clarity about benefits and set up any accounts and login IDs that they need for work


#9 Ensure online work readiness

Host communication orientation with IT and provide new employees with relevant email accounts, passwords, tools, and access to messaging groups that would allow them to work efficiently


#10 Solicit onboarding feedback

Encourage feedback to ensure that you know more about the onboarding process with surveys that would allow them to tell you how you can improve the onboarding process


#11  Ensure connection and belonging

Remote working can quickly make new hires feel isolated and so provide them with important work and keep track of their progress, while giving them space and room to make mistakes, learn & grow


#12 Celebrate often!

Appreciate and celebrate their success, with the right kind of appreciation and recognition helping improve candidate experience and make them feel a part of the team


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