Top 10 KPIs  to use in  Data Driven  Recruitment

#1  Time to offer

It is the number of days to present the official offer letter to a candidate from the date of their last round of interviews


#2 Time to acceptance

It is the days taken by a candidate to accept the final offer from the day of their first offer


#3 Time-to-fill/hire

It is the number of days from publishing the approved job requisition to when the candidate accepts the offer and time-to-hire is counted from the day the candidate applies for a position


#4 Source quality

It is the measurement of the quality of candidates from a particular source such as the number of  candidates sent by an outsourced hiring consultant that meet the set criteria


#5 Offer acceptance rate

It shows how many candidates accepted your offer for a particular role and can give you insight into your offer criteria as well as your competition


#6 Quality of hire

It indicates to what extent the candidates fit the role and is more likely measured after onboarding


#7 Hiring manager satisfaction

It is the feedback from the hiring manager about the quality of hires and is mostly easy to determine except in bulk hiring, where candidates are spread across teams


#8 First-year turnover rate

It is the number of employees who leave the organization within or when they complete one year


#9 Cost per hire

It is the investment made in a hired candidate


#10 Cost per candidate conversion

It is the investment in a candidate from interview to offer acceptance


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