8 Key Strategies to Personalize Candidate Experience

#1 Gather the right data

Gather the right data by creating a candidate portal and using a skills-based approach to job descriptions


#2 Refresh the data frequently

Keep candidate data fresh by applying technology to enhance candidate data and using it at every touchpoint in the candidate journey


#3 Use explainable AI (XAI)

Embrace explainable AI with transparent, accurate AI models to truly personalize the candidate experience at scale, reducing bias and improving diversity


#4 Give Candidates control over their data

Provide candidates transparency and control by automating the process of collecting and managing the data, providing them tools to manage their information


#5 Create a compelling career site

Revamp the careers site to be a compelling company story with mobile optimization, intuitive navigation, and email/text alerts


#6 Personalize with more face to face candidate interactions

Stay personal by targeting niche talent pools with candidate events (job fairs, social & professional networking events) and generating leads to nurture with targeted email campaigns


#7 Be very responsive

Maintain a fast response rate and transparency with candidates throughout the hiring process


#8 Automated communications

Leverage the right technology and smart templates to send targeted messages and cultivate relationships with previously unsuccessful candidates who could be trained into a good fit for the role


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