8 Best Platforms to Hire  Software Developers

#1 StackOverflow

A discussion forum where programmers can ask and answer technical questions, with contributors earning reputation points and badges based on their upvotes, it is a highly-regarded source for finding technical talent


#2 GitHub

A community where developers can share knowledge and code, with profiles and followers used to indicate skill level. Codes shared on this platform can be reused for projects


#3 Dice

A job board and candidate sourcing site with a detailed search feature to provide specific results to the user's search criteria


#4 Toptal

An exclusive network of highly skilled freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers, with profiles matched to roles based on relevant experience


#5 Upwork

A platform used to hire freelance professionals, with job postings and work sample requests to screen applicants before interviewing them


#6 Gun.io

A platform for hiring elite freelance software developers, with candidate assessments such as coding tests and technical interviews conducted by a talent management team


#7 freeCodeCamp

A free, non-profit community that offers coding projects for developers to learn and earn certifications, with a forum for asking and answering technical questions


#8 Digital Ocean

A community platform where developers support each other by answering questions, sharing ideas, discussing open-source codes, and offering tutorials for additional learning


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