7 Strategies to provide Great Candidate Interview Feedback

#1 Provide timely feedback

Providing feedback at the earliest after an interview helps convey the candidate's performance and creates a favorable impression of the brand on them, regardless of the outcome


#2 Give specific and concrete instances

Provide clear and specific examples of the candidate's strengths and areas for improvement to help them understand and improve upon certain aspects such as body language or cohesive responses


#3 Keep it unbiased and objective

Focus on the candidate's performance and behavior, and avoid letting personal bias or subjective opinions influence the feedback


#4 Make it constructive

Focus on providing feedback that is helpful and actionable and support the candidate’s development, rather than just pointing out mistakes or shortcomings


#5 Being respectful and empathetic

Treat the candidate with respect and dignity, providing it in a way that is respectful, professional, and empathetic, especially if the job is not being offered to them


#6 Provide tips to ace further interviews

Providing constructive feedback and tips to candidates for future interviews turns them into brand ambassadors and potential candidates for any other suitable positions in the future


#7 Solicit feedback from candidate

Requesting feedback from candidates, especially unsuccessful ones, helps get unfiltered feedback, and also engage better with them, improving chances of high quality talent and referrals in the future


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