Top 5 reasons  to hire Diverse Talent

# 1 Attract High Quality Talent

Diversity attracts top talent with 67% potential candidates review the diversity of companies before joining them & also strengthens culture & performance further through employee referrals

#2  Data-driven decision making

Diverse viewpoints and objective and critical thinking based on facts and data enable teams to challenge each other and help refine the thought process

#3 Improved Innovation

Companies with higher diversity are 1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders with more ideas, healthy debates & discussions, helping create better products and services

#4 Higher engagement with lower attrition

With a heightened sense of equality, fairness and belonging, employee engagement and retention is higher, driving higher outcomes for the organization

#5 Competitive edge

Per HBR, companies with higher ethnic and racial diversity are 35% more likely to have higher  financial returns & those with best gender diversity are 15% more likely to have higher returns

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