8 Effective and Tactical Recruitment Marketing Strategies

1. Optimize your website

Candidates are first made aware of your company or job opening, by reading about your employer branding content to establish interest and fit.

2. Showcase your Brand on social media

Social media is effective at attracting employees. In fact, leads developed through employee social media activities convert seven times more frequently than other leads

3.  Manage your employer brand on review sites

Job searchers want to get an idea of how your current employees enjoy working for your company, and reviews give them a way to do just that

4. Promote your organization on job boards

Promote your open positions and organization through job board to keep yourself ahead of other listings, increasing the chance to be clicked on your posting instead of competitor’s

6.  Make easy  contacts with listings management

It’s important to make sure your business is listed accurately for candidates to get the right information when it comes time to contact you

7. Use the right tools to cultivate your talent supply

AI-enhanced tools can also make it faster and easier for you to find talents and automate all tasks in focusing on building relationships and driving a positive candidate experience

8. Measure to Evaluate

You have to have reliable metrics to show the reality of the current status of your requitement efforts

9. Engage with prospective employees via live chat

Live chat is a huge asset for the consumer-facing side of your website but can also be a big benefit for your recruitment marketing strategy.

Gone are the days when you could rely on a recruitment ad alone to create qualified inbound applicants. Candidates today are savvy.

Learn the 8 Effective and Tactical Recruitment Marketing Strategies