8 Beneficial Candidate Sourcing Strategies

Align with your hiring managers during the candidate sourcing process

Align with your hiring managers early and often to ensure that you’re on the same page about what a strong candidate looks like.

Start your sourcing pipeline

Capture unsuccessful candidates’ data on your applicant tracking system (ATS), candidate relationship management system (CRM), which are your sourcing pipeline

Add candidates to the pipeline

Add potential candidates you find to your sourcing pipeline by annotating them on your CRM or recruiting spreadsheet.

Diversify your online sourcing channels

The internet abounds with possibilities. The key is to understand your target candidates so you can better predict where to find them online.

Expand your search

Keep modifying your search terms to source additional new candidates online. Broaden your search terms and expand your semantics

Track sourcing and recruiting metrics

Monitoring metrics allows you to build up a clear picture of where the top talent is hiding and how they like to be communicated with, optimizing your approach

Use AI in sourcing

Source from databases that use artificial intelligence (AI) is beneficial in two ways – automation and accuracy.

A well-made recruiting strategy also strengthens your engagement with candidates in the hiring process. Follow these

8 Beneficial Candidate Sourcing Strategies  to get the right candidate