Top 4 Social Recruiting Strategies to practise

1. Determine your goals

The path to success always starts by creating a solid foundation. Make a detailed plan that focuses on the best social media platforms for your ideal candidates, and funnel prospects through a single communication channel

2.  Tap into the right platforms

While LinkedIn or Twitter might seem like the obvious place to start your social media recruiting strategy, it’s important to research your ideal candidate profile and consider where they’re most likely to spend their time on social

3. Ensure your online presence reflects your brand

Company culture attracts the top 20% of candidates, meaning a strong reputation and positive online presence carries a lot of weight, particularly with passive job seekers.

4. Consistently engage your social audience

When it comes to social recruiting, it’s important not to lose sight of what this approach is at its core - social. This means that your conversations should be a two-way street, and you should always be prepared to both ask and answer questions.

5. Involve employee advocates

Social recruiting through employee advocacy automatically increases your recruitment reach. Employee social media content is shared 25 times more frequently than when the same content is shared by brand channels.

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