5 Steps to create a Candidate Journey Map

#1 Define a Candidate Persona

A candidate persona is designed around an ideal candidate, with key demographic details, intrinsic and extrinsic motivations


#2 Touchpoint Framework

Create a touchpoint framework with different icons, colors and labels for each touchpoint, making the mapping and measuring of each of these touchpoints easier and efficient


#3 Describe Candidate Expectations

With the Candidate Persona and Touchpoint Framework in place, envision the questions that might arise in the candidates minds at each stage of their journey and draft the expectations


#4 Identify definite Touchpoints

Define the key sources to answer queries for candidates such as social media and other forums along with the information to be delivered through each of them per your brand strategy


#5 Build your Map

Build a simple or detailed candidate journey map using as many variations as possible for your defined Persona-Touchpoints combination, by balancing the variables


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