7 Strategies for Curating an Inclusive Candidate Experience

#1 Conduct Implicit Bias Training

Providing training to hiring teams to recognize and eliminate unconscious biases during the recruitment process


#2 Create Inclusive Job Descriptions

Creating job descriptions that use inclusive language and avoid gender-biased or discriminatory terms to attract diverse candidates


#3 Include Diverse Sourcing

Expanding recruiting channels to reach underrepresented groups and ensuring a diverse pool of candidates


#4 Improve Accessibility

Ensuring that the application process and interview accommodations are accessible to all candidates, including those with disabilities


#5 Ensure Diversity in Interview Panels

Including a diverse group of interviewers on the hiring panel to ensure different perspectives and avoid bias


#6 Provide & Solicit Candidate Feedback

Providing timely feedback to candidates, including constructive feedback for those who didn't get the job, and asking for feedback from candidates to improve the hiring process


#7 Plan for Continuous Improvement

Regularly reviewing and analyzing hiring data to identify areas of improvement in the recruitment process to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion


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