10 Ways for  Startups to hire Top-notch Talent

#1 Innovative sourcing strategy

Build a strong talent pool with new age sourcing strategies such as social media sourcing, sponsoring hackathons, partnering with minority groups, online social and professional talent communities

#2 Draft clear candidate persona

Translate business needs into a clear candidate persona with the ideal startup talent  characteristics of accountability, innovation, high performance and passion to hire against

#3 Hiring budget

Draft a practical hiring budget taking into account the funds, affordability and ROI of the talent with costs of hiring, infrastructure, training, compensation, incentives, benefits, taxes & equity

#4 Freelancers & other gig workers

Freelancing can be a cost-effective option for temporary work, to evaluate performance prior to hiring full-time & also a permanent option to handle non-core work

#5 Employee Referrals

For startups, referrals prove to be highly beneficial with their assurance of high performance, strong alignment to the company values & retention at lower hiring costs

#6 Prior startup experience

Talent with previous startup experience are highly invaluable as they have the ability to adapt & cope in high pressure environments with a sense of urgency & a fast pace

#7 Content creatively used for branding

Establish an online branding via social media handles or other sites by posting thought leadership articles, answering technical questions, white papers with cutting edge technology

#8  In-person interactions

In-person meetings to check their cultural fitment & to inspire and excite them to join them via a compelling company vision based on founding mission & values

#9 Differentiated evaluation model

Leverage Hackathons, evaluation projects, creative Tech assessments etc. to assess technical & cultural fitment of talent with ability to ideate, innovate & troubleshoot

#10 Compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Curate a compelling EVP, tailoring it for each of the candidates, aligned to their individual needs & aspirations such as equity, flexible work arrangements & accelerated career trajectories

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