to tackle Peak Hiring Season head-on

6 Ways

#1 Strong Talent Acquisition Strategy

Devise a hiring strategy based on the business plan using historic hiring data, segment roles for hiring (client, operations, support roles) & tailor process for each segment

#2 Strong Recruitment Funnel

Adopt Hybrid sourcing model with conventional & outreach ways to build a talent pipe-line of employee referrals, past applicants, passive candidates, recruitment agencies, colleges etc.

#3 Social networking

Use Social media, social networking platforms like MeetUps, EventBrite & other in-person forums to connect & foster long-term relationships with highly qualified talent

#4 Leverage Technology

With high volume of applications, leverage scalable recruitment tools like ATS & CRM to automate & streamline hiring process, enhancing recruiter efficacy & candidate experience at scale.

#5 Simplify hiring process

Optimize end-to-end hiring process, from JDs until onboarding to attract the best candidates through appealing branding & deliver a phenomenal candidate experience

#6 Plan Ahead for Peak Hiring

Prepare ahead to line up diverse talent sources, create checklists & templates, setup interview panels, inform hiring partners & vendors for assessments, background checks, onboarding etc.

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