5 Top Tips for Organizations to Drive Accountability in DE&I

#1 Inform Employees of DE&I Benefits

Share with employees the benefits of DE&I for the organization to foster cooperation, motivation, and readiness to implement DE&I programs effectively


#2 Define your DE&I priorities

Clearly communicate your DE&I expectations and priorities to your employees, including increasing diversity at higher levels of management, to send a clear message across the organization


#3 Evaluate DE&I initiatives

Measure the effectiveness of your accountability initiatives by tracking progress against industry benchmarks and sharing data and statistics with stakeholders


#4 Invite Suggestions and Feedback

Encourage feedback on DE&I initiatives and involve employees in the solution to foster cooperation, iterate processes, and emphasize possible improvements


#5 Incentivize, Guide, and Correct

Offer incentives and recognition to promote the adoption and longevity of accountability measures, guide and correct employees and teams lagging in accountability, with disciplinary action if necessary


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