to engage & retain  Top-notch Talent

8 Ways

#1 Communication

Clear communication of key business updates with changes in strategy or priorities helps build trust and respect with employees, enabling them to align and contribute appropriately

#2 Internal Talent Mobility

Taking up challenging lateral or higher outcomes roles improves top talent engagement with 41% talent staying longer at companies having strong talent mobility programs

#3 Career Pathways

Clear career progression paths with frequent career conversations with feedback & coaching helps employees feel valued, competent and empowered

#4 Learning Opportunities

Work culture promoting continuous learning with varied & innovative modes of upskilling and cross-skilling enable higher engagement & retention rates

#5 Manager Check-in

Frequent feedback conversations between managers & employees improves the motivation of employees, creating a sense of accomplishment and accountability

#6 Feedback from Employees

Frequent touch-points to collect feedback from employees using tools and surveys with apt corrective actions, improve employee morale & faith in the organization

#7 Rewards & Recognition

Reward & recognize key achievements of top performers on a prominent company platform, helping them feel valued & motivated to sustain & enhance their performance

#8 Compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Design a compelling & thoughtful EVP around the employees & their families providing generous benefits, fair pay scale, child-care benefits & flexible work arrangements

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