8 Strategies to build a Diverse Talent Pool

# 1 Talk loudly about Diversity & Inclusion

Leverage social media, company websites, career sites and job posts to highlight the wholesome work culture and business impact due to the diversity and inclusion practices

#2 Inclusive JDs & Job Posts

Have bias-free, gender neutral language in the hiring communication such as JDs, job posts and hiring mails (Use Textio & Gender-decoder tools) that appeal to the diverse talent community

#3 Build a strong Recruitment Funnel of Diverse Talent

Rank sources based on diversity of candidates sourced and include diverse academic & minority institutions & Employee Referrals with a specific focus on minority and underrepresented groups

#4 Adopt an Outbound Talent Reach approach

Partner with & sponsor institutions supporting underrepresented groups such as women in technology, people of color & ethnic minorities in leadership to provide job opportunities

#5 Create fair & inclusive hiring culture

Bias-free, inclusive job posts, masking information in resumes, structured & fair interviews, including diverse talent in interview panels prevents bias creeping in during the hiring

#6 Set and track DE&I goals

Set clear and measurable Diversity and Inclusion goals with KPIs for leaders and departments to give DE&I program the right focus

#7 Train employees on unconscious bias

Training & sensitizing employees on diversity and unconscious bias, especially Talent Acquisition and Business Leaders, enables hiring and retention of diverse talent

#8 Curate a great onboarding experience

An inclusive onboarding experience for the new talent, including information on their culture, background, preferences, helps create a connection & sense of belonging from the start

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