8 Ways to Improve Hiring Process & Build Strong Candidate Relationships with Feedback

#1 Personalized Communication

Sending personalized messages to candidates throughout the hiring process, such as interview reminders or follow-up emails after interviews helps engage with them effectively


#2 Prompt Response

Responding promptly to candidate inquiries or requests for information to avoid delays or frustration as well as engage with the candidate


#3 Candidate Surveys

Collecting feedback from candidates through surveys to gain insights and improve the candidate experience


#4 Constructive Feedback

Providing constructive feedback to candidates, even if they are not selected for the position helps provide a positive brand impression to candidates


#5 Communication Channels

Offering different channels for communication, such as phone, email, or text messages, to accommodate candidate preferences


#6 Candidate Experience Mapping

Mapping out the entire candidate experience and identifying areas for improvement to enhance engagement


#7 Candidate Journey Insights

Analyzing data on the candidate journey to better understand their needs, expectations, and pain points


#8 Referral Programs

Implementing referral programs to encourage current and former candidates to refer other qualified candidates to your organization


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