8 ways to  Engage & Hire  Top-notch Talent

#1 Diverse sources of candidates

Keep building the talent pool with high quality potential candidates from various sources that may not fit the open positions at the time but would be a good technical & cultural fit for future roles

#2 Networking events

Host professional & social networking events such as conferences, workshops, webinars, hackathons etc. by sponsoring or partnering to source highly qualified talent for the talent pool

#3 Employee Referrals

Referrals are a great way to hire top-notch talent with 82% employers rating referral programs as the best source of qualified applicants with high business & cultural impact

#4 Campus Hires

Design attractive graduate and student work opportunities that are part-time or internship, enabling the company to tap into a large pool of talent who can be groomed to be full time employees

#5 Unsuccessful candidates

Curating a great candidate experience during hiring enables companies to reach out to previously unsuccessful candidates who are great potential candidates to keep in touch with for future positions

#6 Internal employees

Internal employees are an invaluable addition to the talent pool due to their familiarity and alignment to the business & culture of the organization enabling higher outcomes

#7 Alumni & other Potential candidates

Consider potential candidates from your network who aren't on the lookout currently by virtue of being on long-leave, sabbaticals, pursuing a degree or living/working in another country

#8 Customize content

Customized communication curated for each of the independent segments that is crisp, appealing and useful to them, engaging them with an enhanced brand perception

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