8 Best Strategies to Hire  Diverse  Candidates

#1 Expand Sourcing Channels

Look beyond the traditional job boards and career fairs to find new sources of underrepresented talent, such as social media, professional associations, and community events, specifically designed for minorities


#2 Partner with Diversity-Focused Organizations

Forge partnerships with organizations that support underrepresented talent, such as community groups, professional associations, and diversity-focused recruiting firms


#3 Leverage Employee Referrals

Encourage current employees, specially the diversity talent, to refer other minority & underrepresented candidates for open positions and offer incentives for successful referrals


#4 Audit Your Job Postings

Review job postings to ensure they are inclusive and free of biased language that could discourage underrepresented candidates from applying


#5 Engage with Passive Diverse Candidates

Identify potential diverse candidates who may not be actively job searching such as alumni, those on sabbaticals etc. and reach out to them to share information about your company and open positions


#6 Prioritize Candidate Experience

Ensure that the candidate experience is positive, respectful, and inclusive throughout the recruiting process to attract and retain underrepresented talent


#7 Offer Skills Development and Mentorship

Provide opportunities for underrepresented employees to develop their skills and advance their careers, and pair them with mentors who can offer guidance and support


#8 Measure Your Progress

Regularly track and analyze the diversity of your candidate pool, hiring process, and workforce to evaluate the effectiveness of your sourcing strategies and identify areas for improvement


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