12 Key Strategies  to Elevate Candidate Experience

#1 Make Company Research Easy

Provide information about your company culture, history, & achievements to help candidates determine if your company is the right fit for them


#2 Use Career Site to Attract Talent

Make the career site easy to navigate and provide up-to-date information about your company's unique features, team members' experiences, and benefits


#3 Utilize Social Media for Employer Branding

Provide candidates with real-time updates on company news, events, and culture through professional social networks, and create a careers hashtag to boost engagement


#4 Create Effective Job Descriptions

Hook candidates by sharing what makes the role interesting, exciting, or impactful, and use specific terms that resonate with their skills and experience


#5 Provide Clarity on Job Requirements

Use industry-standard language to provide greater clarity on job titles, and schedule brief interviews with current team members to gain a deeper understanding of the role and team culture


#6 Create Candidate-centric Job Information

Focus on the role, not just the company, and provide information on the day-to-day details of the job, salary range, benefits, qualifications, and whether the role is remote, hybrid, or onsite


#7 Be Specific About Performance Goals

Define what success looks like: Spell out specific, measurable performance goals to help candidates understand the role's expectations and whether it is a good fit for them


#8 Use Inclusive Language in Job Descriptions

Attract a diverse talent pool by using inclusive language and empathetic tone, and include diversity statements on job descriptions


#9 Keep the Application Process Simple & Accessible

Simplify the application process by asking only for necessary information, keeping the application minimal, and making it mobile-friendly


#10 Create an engaging interview process

Build an interview process that engages candidates while identifying the most qualified candidate for each role


#11 Communicate Clearly and Consistently

Maintain candidate engagement by communicating clearly and consistently throughout the recruitment process, including follow-up after interviews and feedback to unsuccessful candidates


#12 Provide Detailed Interview Instructions

Set candidates up for success by providing detailed interview instructions and materials, and creating a welcoming and comfortable environment


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