Top 6 Benefits of Talent Engagement

# 1 Retention of Top Talent

Engaged employees have higher levels of motivation & loyalty with companies observing an 18% dip in attrition upon investing in the career growth and progression of their talent

#2 Enhanced Customer Value

Engaged employees are passionate and committed to the work, generating higher value for customers, enabling a 10% increase in customer ratings & 18% increase in customer sales

#3 Higher Productivity

Companies prioritizing career growth & holistic wellness of employees have a highly engaged workforce with them being 38% more likely to have above average productivity

#4 Innovation & Collaboration

Companies investing in the growth of their people via learning, stretch opportunities & other challenging projects help foster a culture of innovation & collaboration

#5 Profitability

Companies with higher talent engagement are 23% more profitable than their peers, owing to higher productivity, innovation & collaboration

#6 Boost Employer Brand

Engaged employees are great brand ambassadors, promoting the organization on their personal networks & their social handles as their preferred choice of employer

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