5 Things that impacted Recruitment  in 2022

#1 Move to skill based hiring

With mandatory degree requirements reducing the talent pool, skill based hiring became extremely popular in 2022, with the trend continuing in 2023


#2  Rise of fractional workers

The shift to remote work accelerated the incidence of fractional employees, individuals who perform the same job for multiple employers


#3 Recruiters in high demand

The loss of jobs during the pandemic, immediately followed by companies trying to strengthen their talent pool, led to recruiters being in high demand in the talent market for a while in 2022


#4 The effect of Covid on labor market

Many of the employees who were either furloughed or had their employment terminated, may be unable to return to full term employment due to the effects of Covid on the talent market


#5 Generative AI comes to recruiting

Generative AI was the breakthrough story in 2022, with many applications in recruitment; the next generation of recruiters are predicted to use it extensively in screening and hiring top talent


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