2 Critical Hiring Metrics  Time-to-Hire & Time-to-Fill

What is Time-to-Hire?

Time-to-hire measures the number of days from when a candidate applies for a job until they accept the offer.

What is Time-to-Fill?

Time-to-fill measures the number of days from the point of posting a job up until a candidate accepts the offer

Time-to-Hire Vs  Time-to-Fill

#1 Calculation

Time-to-Hire = <Day candidate accepts offer> - <Day candidate applies for job> Time-to-Fill = <Day candidate accepts offer> - <Day job posted>

#2 Indication

Time-to-hire indicates recruitment process efficiency & Time-to-fill shows the efficiency of the overall organizational recruitment process

#3 Impact

Time-to-Hire impacts candidate experience & company branding; Time-to-Fill impacts business growth & bottomline