Top 10 Productivity Tools for  Recruiters

#1 Job Portals

Job Portals are live databases of resumes of candidates and are used by recruiters to find the right candidates that fit their requirements based on the relevance of the experience. Job portals like Indeed, Monster, Shine, GlassDoor, etc. are popular and offer limited free job postings with basic to no added features


#2  Social Media

Instead of being too formal, keeping the interview conversational with open-ended questions helps put the candidate at ease, prompting them to explain aspects of their achievements and contributions


#3 Chatbots

Chatbots help recruiters immensely by automating recurring tasks such as query resolution, interview scheduling, reminders, notifications etc., saving valuable recruiter time that can be spent on engaging meaningfully with candidates


#4 ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

ATS, is a database of applications and helps in the tracking across the recruitment life cycle,  automating key processes like resume screening, feedback collection, recruitment workflow management, and communication between the stakeholders


#5 Tests and Assessments

Assessments help evaluate the technical, behavioral, emotional, and domain skills of the applicant to find the best cultural fits and are crucial to reducing time-to-hire and improving quality-of-hire


#6 CRM (Candidate Relationship Management)

CRM tools help manage and nurture candidates at scale – active, passive, and ex-employees and helps build a strong database of candidates suitable for open positions, now or in the future


#7 Video interview platforms

Video interview platforms with automated scheduling enable a remote yet face to face meeting with candidates for interviews or hiring manager connect, helping engage better with candidates prior to onboarding


#8 Background Check tool

A mandatory part of hiring, all candidates are screened for criminal records and previous employment validated with background check tools


#9 Onboarding tool

A delightful onboarding experience is key to improving employee engagement and retention and a tool helps automate the submission of documents, forms and other proofs and statutory requirements.


#10 Feedback tool

Feedback being extremely critical for the recruiter to learn the process gaps and identify areas of improvement, feedback all through their journey must be captured at high-impact touch points


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