6 Tools to Transform the Candidate Journey

#1 Applicant Tracking System

ATS can be used in writing strong job descriptions, giving applicants a clear understanding of the job, its responsibilities and its expectations, before the interview process


#2 Interview Platforms

While filling remote positions, using a video interviewing platform can help with scheduling while saving time and resources for the candidate on commuting, creating a positive brand impression


#3 Onboarding Tools

An effective onboarding tool, enabling online documentation, credential creation, with clear information about the 1st day etc. can help a new hire feel valued and welcomed


#4 Chatbots

Chatbots improve candidate engagement from selection to onboarding, right from helping with pre-interview questions, scheduling, giving feedback, and frequent communication


#5 Employee Recognition Software

Recognition tools help boost morale of employees, from the time of hiring, in the form of rewards and promote brand engagement, with feedback and recognition being an important aspect of their careers


#6  Social Media

Used optimally, social media is one of the best tools for candidate mapping, helping post jobs to attract top talent, to understand organizations better and also for employee recognition


#7 Onboarding

A seamless and personalized onboarding will help new hires get a sense of belonging and feel like an integral part of the company, connecting with their managers and team members


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