Top 10 Campus Recruitment Software

#1  Yello

Yello is an award-winning talent acquisition tool that facilitates the campus events and hiring,  managing the entire candidate lifecycle on the tool effortlessly


#2 Vervoe

Vervoe is merit-based and enables hiring based on the skills and attitude of the candidate, predicting the candidate's job performance using skill assessments


#3 Rakuna

Rakuna is intuitive with a unique campus recruitment and events application that enable mass recruitment both online and via fairs


#4 Talview

Recognised as the top HR Tech product in 2022, it is ideal for large and growing organizations, with AI-powered assessment-based recruitment solutions that measures the potential of candidates


#5 Adaface

Adaface can efficiently screen a huge volume of student applications to arrive at the final list of top recruits and is designed to check the skills and cognitive ability of the candidate


#6 iMocha

iMocha is a champion of skill-based Talent acquisition and with its AI-powered skill assessment tool, it provides scalable and cost-efficient recruitment support for campus hiring


#7 Oleeo

Oleeo is a unique blend of technology and talent acquisition, with tailored recruitment solutions like High volume hiring, Virtual Recruitment, Diversity hiring, and Campus hiring


#8 Hirevue

Hirevue is a digital recruitment platform that uses video intelligence in its interviews to find the best talent; it scores the candidate’s response, ranking them against other applicants


#9 Mettl

A global leader in talent assessments, it conducts customized online assessments to acquire the best talent by evaluating the skill, personality, and ability of the applicants


#10 Avature

Avature has specialized solutions for Campus Hiring and supports online as well as offline large-scale hiring with smart automation for efficient data management and fast processing of applicants


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