7 Key Benefits of Talent Acquisition Software

#1 Strong Sourcing funnel

TAS offers an automated candidate outreach with customized employee branding helping post open job positions on careers page of websites, job portals, and social media


#2 AI-based potential candidate matching

TAS automatically screens resumes to match keywords with the defined Job Description, thus picking up the suitable potential candidates for the job role


#3 Pre-employment assessments

A comprehensive TAS includes the entire suite of pre-employment tests to screen candidates for role compatibility with over 80% of Fortune 500 companies using pre-hire assessments to hire top talent


#4 Applicant tracking

TAS makes it easy to track the status of any candidate at every stage of the recruitment and find out if they have been offered the job, hired, onboarded, or rejected


#5 Scorecard-driven interviews with standardized feedback

TAS uses a collaborative interview scoring where each interviewer has their scorecard, which they can compare to standardize the score & feedback, bringing transparency & tangibility to the hiring process


#6 Automated reference checks

TAS offers automated background checks that may contain reference surveys to gain insights about a potential candidate, helping analyze & collate reports from the feedback received


#7 Employee onboarding

Some TAS platforms have integrated an employee onboarding system that helps a candidate upload all their details and documents to a customized self-service portal


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