Top 20 Questions to ask Customer Service Representatives

#1 What was the reason for leaving your previous job?

#2 Can you tell us about your strengths and weaknesses?

#3 How do you motivate yourself?

#4 How do you prioritize and manage your time?

#5 If you have a disagreement with your team member how would you handle it?

#6 What does customer service mean to you?

#7 What happens if you get passed over for a promotion?

#8 Is recognition for a job well done important for you?

#9 Why did you choose a customer service job?

#10 Why should we select you for this job?

#11 What if we don’t offer this job to you?

#12 What are the key qualities that a Customer Service representative should have?

#13 How to deal with an irate customer?

#14 What will you do if you don’t know the answer to one of the questions that the customer asks?

#15 Give us an instance of good customer service and bad customer service.

#16 What would you do if a customer gives you negative feedback?

#17 What would you do if there is a conflicting opinion between you and the customer?

#18 What would you do if you get reprimanded by a customer because of your colleague’s fault?

#19 If a customer has spoken to multiple representatives, but hasn’t been offered a solution and has now come to you, how will you handle the situation?

#20 You have been informed about a faulty product or part in the product and you will have to call the customer and explain this to them so they return the product to you. How will you take the conversation forward?

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