Top 20 Questions  to ask an Experienced  System Admins

#1 Are you aware of the lightweight directory access protocol?

#2 Can you explain the PPP protocol?

#3 What do you mean by IP Spoofing and what are some precautions to prevent or solve IP Spoofing?

#4 Can you explain the meaning of frame relay?

#5 What do you mean by DNS?

#6 Can you explain the basic difference between domain admin groups and Enterprise admin groups in the context of the active directory?

#7 What is the authoritative restoration method in the case of the active directory?

#8 Are you aware of object servers?

#9 Can you explain the meaning of NETBIOS and NetBEUI?

#10 What do you mean by RSVP?

#11 Can you explain the meaning of DHCP?

#12 Can you name the main email servers along with their ports?

#13 Can you explain the working of a traceroute?

#14 Is traceroute governed by a protocol? If yes, can you explain it?

#15 Can you cite the difference between a PowerShell and a Command prompt?

#18 What are EFS and ARP?

#19 As a sysadmin, how do you prioritize your work?

#20 What does your day-to-day routine look like as a system administrator?

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