20 Top interview Questions for  Fresher System Admins

#1 Can you tell me about the role of the active directory in the system administration?

#2 Are you aware of the group policy?

#3 Can you give a reason why one should not back up a DC that was not backed up for the last 8 months?

#4 What is your overall experience with hardware Components?

#5 Are you aware of the terms forest, trees, and domain?

#6 How well-versed are you with the WINS servers?

#7 What, according to you, may be the personal characteristics of an ideal system administrator?

#8 Do you know the difference between NTFS and FAT?

#9 Can you tell me the meaning and purpose of a loopback address?

#10 Are you aware of proxy servers?

#11 How do you identify a server’s capacity?

#12 What can you tell me/us about a Windows registry?

#13 Have you heard of the term ‘Sysvol Folder’?

#14 Are you aware of the basic difference between a firewall and an antivirus?

#15 Do you know the meaning of a lingering object and is there a particular command to remove any lingering object in the system?

#16 Can you give me 1-2 reasons why it is necessary to remove the lingering objects?

#17 Do you know the difference between an active directory and LDAP?

#18 Can you define or make us understand what Windows deployment services are?

#19 As a sysadmin, one of your roles would be to solve systemic or tech-related issues. Can you tell us a past instance when you were unable to do so?

#20 As a sysadmin candidate, what makes you stand out from others?

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