Top 20  Questions to ask  IT Candidates

#1 What technical websites do you  follow? How do you stay up to date with new technology?

#2 What are the benefits and drawbacks of working in an agile environment?

#3 What automated-build tools or processes have you used?

#4 What is the process that you followed for quality control?

#5 How do you troubleshoot IT issues?

#6 What do you understand by Safe Mode? When do you use it?

#7 How would you make sure a computer network is secure?

#8 What do you do when an application stops working?

#9 What do you know about the Active Directory?

#10 What are Java and Python?

#13 Why and how do we use firewalls?

#14 What are transaction logs, and how are they used?

#15 How do you relay technical information to non-technical users?

#16 You work closely with another team for the completion of most projects. You find that the team delays giving you the data every time, by at least 3 days. How will you deal with this situation?

#17 As a project leader (or team leader), how do you drive performance and quality?

#18 You have already had 3 iterations on project deliverables. The client is requesting one more. You are already overloaded with work. How will you handle this situation?

#19 How can you make sure the project is not person-dependent? (Also shows leadership and accountability)

#20 You are working on a significant project with a team of 5 members. You were responsible for need analysis and misunderstood some parts of the client’s need. As a result, the project has a completely different outcome. The deadline is a week away. What will you do?

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