9 Interview  Red Flags for  Employers

#1 Missing scheduled interviews

Last-minute cancellations, multiple reschedules, lack of communication or courtesy is a clear indicator of lack of interest and unprofessional behavior


#2 Arriving late

Being late, not communicating it ahead and being unapologetic for the inconvenience caused are a clear sign of unprofessional behaviour that would impact work and culture adversely if hired


#3 Not being prepared for the interview

Being unaware of the role or organization, not providing specific work examples, not carrying relevant documents and being dressed casually indicating disinterest in the role and/or company


#4 Falsifying information

Candidates who share false information about their qualifications, certifications, employment, skills can be identified with background checks, suspicious work history and contradictory responses


#5 An inconsistent career path

While gaps in employment are fairly normal these days, regular job “hopping”, unjustified gaps in employment and leaving jobs due to disagreements should be reviewed thoroughly


#6 Lacking work ethic

Psychometric assessments and informal interview questions help identify those with poor ethics with red flags being gossiping, blaming former managers/employers and using inappropriate language or humor


#7 Poor communication skills

With active listening, non-verbal cues and assertiveness being essential to succeed at any role, inconsistent body language, lack of clear and relevant responses and not following directions are clear indicators of poor communication


#8 Conflicting values

With an established work culture and a diverse workforce, organizations prefer to hire those who share their values, using probing questions and reference checks to find motivators, values and needs


#9 Inflexibility around negotiations

Candidates who are focused only on compensation and benefits with too many up-front demands and constraints should be reviewed closely before being hired


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