10 Best Recruitment Software & Tools

What are recruitment tools?

Automate recurring & transactional tasks in the recruitment life cycle, allowing recruiters to focus on improving the quality of candidate interactions.

10 Top Recruitment Tools & Software


#1 Hyreo

An end-to-end, data-driven, fully-customizable recruitment Recruitment CRM, with highly personalized hiring experiences for candidates, automates 60% of recruiter tasks and predicts a candidate’s intent to join with upto 80% accuracy

#2 Lever

One of the top-rated ATS & CRM tools, with deep analytics, it focuses on diversity and metric-based recruiting

#3 BreezyHR

An end-to-end recruitment platform, highly rated for its ATS, their services span from attractive job advertisements to making offers to candidates

#4 SmartRecruiters

Highly rated for its ATS & Recruitment Marketing, it focuses on both candidate and recruiter experience, helping recruiters source, market, convert, track, collaborate, evaluate, offer and hire candidates

#5 Greenhouse

A top rated recruiting software and ATS, its well known for its structured hiring and interviewing approach, leveraging automation and collaboration to drive efficiency into hiring top talent

#6 AgoraPulse

Easy to use Social Media Management Software, facilitating intuitive publishing, social listening, insightful analytics & helping track social media ROI

#7 LiveChat

A customer service platform, integrating with 200+ tools & CRMs, it helps create memorable chat experiences, qualifying leads, solving customer problems, anticipating & resolving customer queries

#8 MeetUp

A networking platform that brings together people with mutual interests to learn & share their experiences, it enables recruiters to meet potential candidates based on their skill sets and expand their network.

#9 HackerRank

A technical assessment & remote interview solution for hiring developers, with a real world coding environment with questions and code analysis. Also helps technical candidates practice coding skills, prepare for interviews and get hired.

#10 BambooHR

A popular recruitment & onboarding software, it provides services from hiring & onboarding to payroll & performance with self-onboarding process for new hires and workforce data management with analytics and insights