20 Top Reference Check Questions

#1 What was your working relationship with the candidate and since when?

#2 What was the candidate’s designation and what was their job role?

#3 Did the candidate fulfill their duties?

#4 What were the candidate’s unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses?

#5 What was it like to supervise the candidate?

#6 What value did the candidate add to their team and the organization?

#7 How well did the candidate work under pressure?

#8 Was the candidate reliable in terms of meeting deadlines and quality of work?

#9 How was the candidate’s equation with his peers and other stakeholders?

#10 Was the candidate’s attendance and punctuality in place?

#11 Did the candidate adhere to the company’s policies?

#12 Did the candidate receive any complaints from customers, their team members, or other stakeholders?

#13 Did you feel the need to reprimand, warn or discipline them?

#14 Was the candidate promoted or demoted?

#15 What skill or achievement of the candidate do you remember?

#16 How was the candidate’s attitude towards work and the organization?

#17 Do you think the candidate is suitable for the applied role?

#18 Do you know why they left your organization?

#19 Would you rehire the candidate; why or why not?

#20 Is there anything else you would like to share?

To understand reference checks, their key benefits and the top 20 questions to help find the best candidates in terms of talent, skill and compatibility, read

“A Guide to conducting an employee reference check”

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