7 Key Talent Acquisition  Strategies for 2023

#1 Strong brand name

Well crafted candidate personas and clear JDs help attract the right talent with the skills and values aligned to the company needs


#2 Comprehensive Talent Acquisition strategy aligned to business goals

Create a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy aligned to the business goals & outcomes, helping enhance the workforce productivity, company top-line and customer satisfaction


#3 Make DE&I a priority

Strengthen the workforce by hiring more diverse talent, bringing in varied skill sets, different perspectives in decision-making, and inclusivity


#4 Maximize outreach

Leverage candidate outreach via social media, tech communities, and job boards as well as reliable sourcing consultants & partnering with local universities for a consistent flow of potential candidates


#5 Automate & streamline

Talent Acquisition software offers an entire suite of automated sourcing, screening, pre-employment testing & onboarding, saving on administrative tasks as well as reducing unconscious bias in hiring


#6 Candidate experience

Curate a great candidate experience by engaging with candidates frequently and meaningfully, with  information on the company, policies and process helping increase chances of conversion


#7 Data driven hiring

Leveraging AI powered recruiting platforms with advanced analytics and key SMART KPIs to strategically manage the hiring process


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