Top 10 Talent Acquisition Software

#1 iCIMS

It offers the management and engagement of applicants throughout the hiring process and integrates with the existing HRMS with 300+ products from their vendors that can be used by the company


#2 Ideal

This tool offers strong AI-backed software that supports end-to-end recruitment management via automation and screens and matches resumes to the jobs posted


#3 Yello

Yello believes in early talent engagement, with a user-friendly interface that invites candidates to be a part of the community and attend a hiring event to apply for a position, helping enhance the brand


#4 Freshteam

This software aids in scoping talent, sourcing, and candidate screening, followed by shortlisting, hiring, and onboarding, aiding recruiters to increase outreach of their job postings


#5 SmartRecruiters

This offers talent as well as vendor solutions through its software and has a centralized vendor management system facilitating the management of all job boards through one platform


#6 SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors was acquired by SAP and is known to offer a suite of Human Capital lifecycle management including Payroll, Performance Management, and Workforce analytics.


#7 Workday

This tool offers visibility into the recruiting process for all parties involved and is said to be one of the fastest growing hiring platforms, bringing in more than 650 customers every year


#8 Oracle Taleo

This has a Tiered scoring system and also allows customization of recruitment tools; is the most used software with a dominant 30% market share among Fortune 500 companies


#9 Greenhouse

Greenhouse has a streamlined communication process with the candidate, with automated notifications, reminders, scheduling for recruiters and ensures no stagnancy of candidates in hiring


#10 Workable

This tool combines machine learning and AI with 40+ integrations to provide a complete hiring toolkit with 100+ integrations and 1,000+ SEO-optimized job descriptions


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