5 Key Recruiting Trends for 2023

#1 Employee retention

Internal mobility programs are being revamped to give existing employees a path to further growth and promotion, encouraging them to stay longer with the company


#2 Enhancing DEI initiatives

Companies are hiring dedicated DEI practitioners, training hiring managers to reduce unconscious bias, use of inclusive language for JDs & job posts and creating diverse interview panels


#3 Increased focus on mental health

With increased burnout and fatigue reported amongst employees post-covid, companies are prioritizing mental wellness initiatives to manage its impact on organizational performance


#4 Impactful talent engagement strategies

Companies aim to create impactful talent engagement strategies to retain talent and enable long term growth of the organization


#5 Prepare for the Great Return

With about 25% of professionals regretting their decision to quit amid the Great Resignation, a return of these talent to the workforce is expected in early 2023


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